Agreement For Sale Of Parking Space

Increased vehicle sales are also leading to increased pollution, stifling traffic and, above all, congestion and a shortage of parking spaces. In such a scenario, the task is to find permanent parking spaces for car owners and aggregators. Therefore, we can conclude that open car parks are part of public spaces, but garages can be sold under RERA. The jury still disagrees on the parking of stilts. In addition, Rahul Nahar, founder, Xrbia Developer, states that the draft model agreement published by RERA specifically covers the consideration of covered car parks, but “it cannot be sold in isolation.” 4. Is agreed by the first part that the parking bill also appears in the sale party which gives you the title of the parking According to general practice on the market, the developer, by the sale agreement, only sells the “housing” and the buyer has rights only with regard to the apartment and no other part of the building. 1. The deed of sale is the document between you and the owner for the allocation of the apartment purchased from you 1) The contract of sale is between the buyer and the seller, that is between the owner and you with regard to the purchase of the apartment and the owner of the sale to you is called the deed of sale. Under all its history of mutation, conditions and conditions, soft, price, etc mentioned in it.

Mullick also explains that FAQ No. 9 authorizes the sale of a garage under the law and the sale of a covered car park in accordance with the rules of Maharashtra RERA. “Open car parks cannot be sold under RERA, only garages can be sold,” he adds. 2. If the owner is parked in the depot of sale, then his voucher, provided that the project is registered with RERA, since the covered car parks can be sold by a contractor to RERA “RERA and MahaRERA speak only of covered parking, but the rules do not include open parking. As a result, open car parks are not covered by the rules,” said dipan Merchant, Bombay`s chief lawyer. In addition, in its FAQ of January 17, 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty State stated in its FaQ of January 17, 2017 that, in accordance with Section 2 (n) of the RERA Act, open parking areas and hence open parking areas cannot be sold to all. The Supreme Court of Justice in Nahalchand Laloochand Private Limited v/s Panchali Co-operative Housing Society Limited (2010) 9 CCS 536 found that in the Maharashtra Ownership of Flat Act, 1963, the stilt surface could not be treated as a garage. The Tribunal also found that parking spaces (open part or gestylter) cannot be excluded from the community area and MOFA facilities. Stilt car parks fall into the category of covered car parks, Hiranandani says. In addition, Hardeep Sachdeva, senior partner, AZB and partner, said: “The rera rules of some states such as Haryana, Rajasthan and Maharashtra have recognised the concept of style/covered car parks which, together with the apartment/unit, are made available in the draft agreement for sale.” Haryana RERA Executive Director, Dilbag Singh Sihag says a developer has the right to “sell covered parking lots, but open parking spaces cannot be sold.” If a developer has spent money to make a car park, then he would like to get that money back, that`s his reason. To validate a parking contract, perform the following steps- 2.The deed of sale is a document of ownership necessary to claim title to the property.

Years: If not mentioned, you may not have a parking space. 2. Look if the parking lot is gutted or falls under the common area of Socitey, then it would be awarded only, even if mentioned is the sale status .