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In Frankfurt-Offenbach am Main, the “WARNING” prize ends for the first time today at the end of the first day of the congress. The Future of Personnel Engagement Award” was awarded. Strong initiatives, creative ideas, innovative projects and dazzling actions for the sustainable work of the staff are rewarded. In addition to the virulent theme of staff, this year`s conference will focus on outpatient and hospital emergency care and the development of digitisation. Your director: Ulrich Schmitz, graduate designer. Holder, member of the National and International D-AD Awards. 26 years of experience at the agency: including 12 years as a director at the company, other positions as CCO at Publicis and Creative Director at Bates, DMB-B and Young – Rubicam. With our traditional Christmas glass, we start today`s winter break. Many homemade delights await to soften our farewells.

On January 6, 2020, we`ll be back for you. For your target groups, we place appropriate measures on all appropriate channels. Good health, happiness and success for the new year, WOK wishes all customers, partners and friends. At home, in the health sector. The link between the organization of the event and communication. Today and tomorrow, the management congress in Munster once again shows the changes to come in the hospital sector and how to manage them – best practices for decision makers. Minister Karl-Josef Laumann`s lecture on the broad outlines of the state government on the reorganization of the hospital landscape in North Rhine-Westphalia is a highlight. . Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour, Health and Demography of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate This year again, the year of the congress ended with the Persptiven of Augsburg in the beautiful Augsburg.

One last time, the Klinikum invited Augsburg as a municipal hospital, because in 2019, the klinikum is changing as a university hospital under the tutelage of the Free State of Bavaria. In particular, general questions about patient utility accompanied the Congress to conferences, workshops and discussions on December 5 and 6. But the way staff marketing works was also one of the themes of the conference. The Creative Conference Kn, which took place within the framework of the Augsburg perspectives, was intensely addressed. . A website with multifaceted information about the employer brand. It is under this slogan that the 15th National Conference of the Health Industry in Rostock-Warnem-nde begins today. On 12 and 13 June, the conference will be the centre of the conference, in addition to the technical content of the speech, personal exchanges and networking. Starting Sunday, stakeholders and decision-makers from the global health sector will meet at KOSMOS Berlin for three days to consider the present and future of healthcare around the world and to find solutions to the current and future challenges of the industry.