Airplane Leaseback Agreement

As the owner of the aircraft, you always have primary and exclusive access to your aircraft and you get priority access to the planning of your aircraft. We advise you not to regularly interrupt members` schedules, as this can have a negative impact on rental periods if it is done too much. It`s one thing to rent a Cessna Skyhawk; It is much more complicated when a complex and powerful aircraft like a Bonanza or a Mooney is put on the leaseback. We apply high standards to complex and unique aircraft and work with you to support a check-in process not only for the flight, but also for handling, parking and securing your aircraft that will make your mind easier. Planes are like you and me, they can`t stand still and have to be in the air. For those who like to own airplanes, but aren`t able to fly as many hours a month to justify your overhead, a leaseback may seem appealing. If you are considering this arrangement and love your aircraft and thinking about how it is handled and maintained, Pacific Coast Flyers may be the place for you. Your leaseback also gives you membership in our club and community. This means access to our facilities and events, as well as our large community of pilots, mechanics and our rich experience and knowledge in the field of aviation. For many leaseback agreements, the landlord may still be responsible for all maintenance work on the aircraft, even if the renter performs most of the wear and tear on the vehicle. In addition, aviation news site AVWeb reports that many flight or charter schools are rough in their planes and that a leaseback proposal might not reimburse owners in case of damage to the aircraft. A leaseback is a marketing contract.

As part of this agreement, American Flight Schools is an asset manager. The aircraft is owned by the individual, while American Flight Schools is responsible for marketing the aircraft, introducing qualified and well-trained pilots, managing all financial transactions, coordinating maintenance, and ensuring that the aircraft meets all regulatory requirements. Pacific Coast Flyers has a unique approach to leaseback that avoids a lot of traps that hit both tenants and FBO Once again, leaseback is essentially a management contract with an aircraft you own. You provide us with your aircraft. We collect all revenues. We will cover all costs. At the end of each month, we check whether revenue exceeds expenditure. If the expenses exceed the turnover, we will send you an invoice.

We take care of everything for you; So you don`t have to worry about all the laborious details of owning the plane. In return for our services, we charge a modest administrative fee. Of course, as with all other expenses, administrative costs are deducted from revenue. Leasebacks are highly variable investments and this is not everyone`s business. The decision to put an aircraft in a leaseback must be carefully considered. We track the financial performance of all our aircraft and have detailed historical data to make informed decisions. . .