Bbps Agreement

BBPS makes it possible to comply with the PCI-DSS while making electronic transactions. Because credit card information is stored in bbps, credit card numbers are no longer visible in software applications. In each application, credit card numbers are replaced by reference points. When credit card transactions are processed, the software application establishes a link to the BBPS service. The reference letok in your database retrieves the registered credit card number to use in the transaction. If you are uns sure if you have a BBPS account or if your username and password are labeled, please contact support and contact the Blackbaud Payment and Merchant Services team. For information on creating a BBPS account, please see setting up or registering a Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) account or under The BBPOU and the agent institution set up a separate legal agreement. This Agreement refers to the roles and obligations of agents, such as. B the execution of customer bill payment transactions, the appointment of agents, the regulation and compliance with the requirements and obligations of BBP managed by NPCI.

The institution of agent represents that the institution of agent is, from any point of view, entitled to become an institution of agent within the framework of the BBPOU. The institution of the staff member shall comply with the rules of procedure. All terms defined or not defined in these terms have the meanings set out in the guidelines and standards of procedure established by BBPCU, as amended from time to time, for the provision of services under BBP. The accountant and the entity enter into a final agreement on the procedures and roles of the accountant and the entity. The accounting officer shall appoint the entity on a non-exclusive basis with the provision of recovery services for payments made by the accounting officer`s customers against the accounting officer`s electricity bills. The entity provides full payment facilities as BBPOU, which allow the accountant`s clients or other parties to make payments to the debtor through different payment methods (payment methods), as shown below: The entity as BBPOU will register different agent establishments. Agent institutions must have agreements with different agents, as defined in the procedural guidelines, according to which agent agencies must onboard agents and/or set up customer services in different regions and locations. These delegates are the customer contact points and service points available in the form of branches, collection points and points of sale.

Agents accept payment of invoices by different methods. Agents can be embarked either directly by BBPOU or by agent institutions to offer BBP services. Agents carried by agents are also called sub-agents. Products: Blackbaud_Altru Blackbaud_CRM Blackbaud_Internet_Solutions Payment_Services Blackbaud_NetCommunity_BBNC Blackbaud_Online_Express NetSolutions_RE It has been clearly mentioned that any form of refund procedure must help outside the BBPS system….