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FSND is a web-leading hub for slot-gaming gamblers. The company provides comprehensive tools and facilities so that gamers can always ensure they are having the best free slot machines with no download experience and are at the cutting edge of slot gaming.

It does this in two ways. Firstly, it offers over +1,800 slots from the biggest game developers which users can play for free — either for fun or to gain experience before play for real money. They get to play the latest slot machines from the most popular suppliers in a relaxed and risk-free environment.

Slot game design companiesSecondly, it allows gamblers to make informed decisions when choosing a slot to play for money. Each of the thousands of games comes paired with a detailed review of its features and play ability. The FSND’s blog tells its clients about innovations in slots and gives frequent updates the gaming world. Then, when users are ready, they can use the online casino comparison tool to find out which websites will give them the best payouts and bonuses.

Why do we need it?

It’s no secret that the video game industry is one that has squeezing money out of gamers down to a well-researched science. FSND is here to act as a counterpoint to that by giving players everything they need before they enter the fray.

It gives gamblers the power to place their money only in games they know play to their style and with the risks they are convenient with. Free plays are not conditional on them eventually playing for money, and they are encouraged to improve their understanding of how the games work.

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Key to FSND’s philosophy is its transparency and accessibility: two things you don’t often hear in the game world. The slots here are free, so users don’t have to give out credit card details or put down deposits to place stake on. All features are accessible without registration, and there is no spam or aggressive advertising. Bettors finally have a place where they can get the information they need and play at their own pace without a grinding pressure to risk more and more.

3) Who is it for?

The trends in gambling are towards remote online gaming, and the demographics of those who play is shifting. According to a 2015 report by the Gambling Commission in the UK, the gamers of today are more likely to be middle class, they are more likely to be under-55, and women are gaming more than ever.

graphic slot gamesThe Wild West days of online gambling are finished. This new breed likes to be in control of their gambling, they like to research before they risk; and they like to game frequently in the places they can trust.

They want to be able to parlay in a way that suits them, and if a site is sluggish or demanding, they will simply move on. FSND is perfectly tailored to their needs.

It already caters to large selections of bettors from around the English-speaking world as well as various emerging markets in Africa and South America and there is room to expand. They can practice slots on the go, on their phones, and safe in the knowledge they are playing the best slots out there.

4) What makes it stand out from others?

There are other sites that allow you to play slots for free and other sites that provide online casino comparisons. These sites, however, do not provide the same breadth as FSND, and nor do they have same kind of trustworthiness and accessibility as us.

When you use many of these other sites, you are required to register just to play for free, and they are often funneling players towards putting down a deposit or coercing them into gaming with an affiliate company. The game selection is not curated for users, and they simply cannot compete with 1,800 games and counting. The designs are often bloated and can be difficult to load up on a mobile.

At FSND our search tool makes finding games effortless and you can request a favorite if it’s not in the collection.

The goodwill built from the transparency of gaming on the site is transferred to users who trust in our reviews and recommendations. When they’re ready to play for money we’ve proven we know gaming and we are on their side.

5) What’s Next?

FSND intends to become the only website a gamer needs to visit when they’re not at the casino. The definitive portal for discovering and mastering games before you win them for real.
Our game collection will continue to grow as will our tools for finding the right slot for you and that fit your needs.

The main expansion will come in improving our social and specialist currency. We aim to cover more games with our reviews and to start producing video reviews. Not only will this engage users on a whole new level, but it will truly provide a level of quality competitors cannot match, and more importantly it will give our site personalities.

Users will not be expected to take the word of voiceless text, but instead the word of a reviewer who they have bonded with, who they can understand, and who they can trust. These are reviewers proven to have a deeper knowledge about the slot gaming world and are here to help.