Docusign Master Services Agreement

Customer and its authorized users acknowledge that DocuSign may process such personal data in accordance with the docuSign Privacy Policy ( 6.1 DocuSign Privacy Policy. When you purchase a subscription, you agree to pay the fees in effect under the subscription plan and continue to accept and acknowledge that it automatically renews unless it is extended before the end of the current validity period of the subscription program (“Subscription Term”): (a) you terminate your account; (b) settle your account so that it is not automatically renewed by logging into the DocuSign Services or contacting us here: (; (c) DocuSign refuses to renew your subscription; or (d) these terms are terminated appropriately, as expressly permitted. The subscription plan automatically renews monthly or annually, depending on the method you have chosen (“Extension Term”). “account administrator” means an authorized user who is designated by the customer as a representative and who is expressly authorized to manage the customer`s account, including, but not, configuring administrative settings, assigning access and usage permissions, requesting various or additional services, providing usage and performance reports, managing templates, running authorized campaigns and assisting with the integration of third-party products and receiving data protection notices. The customer may appoint a staff member, business partner or third party contractor as an account administrator and change their name at any time via their account. 12.7.2 First Dispute Resolution. Most disputes can be resolved without recourse to arbitration. If you have a dispute with us, you agree to contact us before taking any formal action under and to provide a brief written description of the dispute and your contact information (including your username if your dispute relates to an account). .

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