Sap Scheduling Agreement Edi

u2022 Only 1 position per authorized appointment There are two main scenarios that can be distinguished within SD. The first scenario is a sales process based on a delivery plan, and the second is an order-based sales process. This transaction updates the T661W table. SAP uses this table to determine the schedule agreement that will be sold to its partner. Go to plan change mode (VA32 transaction) and manually search for the delivery plan by typing the criteria into the “Other Search Criteria” section of the edit screen. If so, change the delivery plan to comply with the IDoc. Please work on how you assigned the scenario and please send me the doc setup and instructions for the delivery plan for the component supplier. Then, via the edi interface set up before the current schedule, the agreements are automatically completed, regularly updated and transmitted by the customer`s delivery plan in the form of an electronic document (IDOC) of the delFOR type. For a detailed warning from a debitor, SAP looks for an appropriate open delivery plan for a particular hardware and is updated with the conditions and delivery amounts indicated by the debitor.

Any incoming DELFOR alert is sent in the form of an email to a staff member who has been assigned to a customer and informs them of a properly booked EDI warning, an accepted warning in SAP, or a poorly treated warning. In the case of incorrectly booked idoc parts, z.B. in the absence of an agreement in SAP or a customer hardware number mistakenly assigned, the sales department employee can fill in the missing data and book or re-edit the document manually. The proposed process scenario requires that delivery plans be first manually developed in SAP by a distribution/logistics agent. When the contract is established, an employee gives information about the debtor, the debit card number, the amount of material covered by the contract, the duration of the contract. My client already uses the SAP system, (customer) he will make a delivery contract that will also be updated in my customer system via EDI.