Share Agreement Template South Africa

10.2. Shareholders expect the company to distribute dividends for each of its fiscal years. 8.4. All repayments of the company to shareholders are made in proportion to their respective credit accounts, but to the extent that a shareholder`s loan account exceeds its proportionate share on the basis of its shareholding in the company, that surplus is repaid in the first place. 9.2. The notice of offer can only be issued for all of the bidder`s shares and can only be revoked at the end of the acceptance period (as defined below). 3.1. As soon as this is feasible after entry into force, the contracting parties take the necessary steps to ensure that the company`s share structure corresponds to the following structure:- 10.3. Dividend payments require that the company`s officers be reasonably satisfied, that the solvency and liquidity requirements required by law have been met, and that shareholders are in good faith satisfied with the requirement of caution with respect to the company`s compliance. A company`s shareholder contract may be withdrawn at any time, but is usually concluded when the relationship between shareholders and directors changes 9.4. The purchase price of the bidder`s shares is the value of the company (as determined by the company`s accountants), multiplied by the number of Offerorws shares and divided by the total number of shares of the company.

Receivables are the face value of their credit account claim on the company at the time of the acceptance notification. 9.8. If no notice of acceptance is received before the expiry of the acceptance date, the right of the bidder to acquire the shares of the offer expires ipso facto within the meaning of the notice of offer and is independent or ineffective, and the bidder may sell its shares to third parties. No other shareholder agreement for sale on the Internet are provided in plain English or as comprehensive in their coverage of legal issues and explanations of wording and advice provided.